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How does virtual organizing work?

Virtual organizing is a convenient way for us to work together without having to be in the same physical space. It can serve as an alternative to on-site organizing, as well as accompany traditional in-home visits. These are collaborative sessions where we develop a plan and then schedule remote consultations to help you to accomplish your goals. In essence I will be guiding you via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, and you will do the physical work---partly while we are online together, and partly after we hang up the call. This service works best with a set program of consistent short SortSort sessions to help you maintain your progress, while you do the bulk of actual organizing at your own pace. In between our sessions I will be giving you follow up “homework” assignments, which will support you to stay focused, and give you specific direction. 

This process works best for clients who are self-motivated, enjoy working at their own pace, work best in short bursts of time and are physically able to do the hands-on work. If you are feeling stuck or going through a life transition, virtual sessions can help you to get started on a project, as well as stay on track to finishing it. It is effective for both physical and digital spaces, as well as for overall productivity. With that said, this type of work isn’t well suited for everyone, or for all projects. Before we embark on virtual work together we would discuss the details in a phone call and then decide together if it makes sense for your specific situation. Then all you would need to do is to connect with me on one of the video conferencing platforms. Don’t worry if you are not a "tech person", if you can use your smart phone, tablet or computer I can easily help you get set up remotely. 

At a minimum of only one hour, virtual SortSort sessions are much easier to find the time to fit into one’s schedule. They can also be combined with on-site organizing for those who live in the tri-state region and want the benefits of real time check-ins and accountability.

Remote organizing also allows me to work with clients who are located outside of the NYC region ("I wish I lived closer to SortSort, I’d hire Lisa in a second!"), as well as those who need to maintain strict personal space in their household for health, or other reasons. I offer it to both established, and new clients.

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