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Founder & Owner

Lisa Grant

SortSort was founded by Lisa Grant, a NYC native and lifelong world traveller. Prior to launching SortSort she ran her own jewelry design label for nearly two decades, based out of BALI INDONESIA. While living abroad as an expat she overcame the multitude of daily challenges of manufacturing a high-end product in a third world environment. In 2012 she completely switched gears to start a company that combined her natural talent for organizing things and people, with her vast toolbox of accumulated skills. Motivating people to get things done in an organized manner has always been an important part of her life, and with SortSort she is finally able to share this valuable help with others. Her keen attention to detail, strong work ethic and very high energy level, coupled with her unusual life experiences, allows her to tackle any organizational challenge with ease. This natural ability to create organized solutions and complete projects, all while maintaining a sense of humour and a positive attitude is what endears her to her loyal clients. Lisa graduated from Lafayette College in 1987 with her BA in Economics and lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.


Since it opened its doors, SortSort has been helping clients declutter, edit and organize their homes/small businesses/lives. Working with clients in NYC as well as NJ, CT, LI, WESTCHESTER, and PORTLAND OR, SortSort has been making the world a more organized place since 2012. 

After 15 wonderful years of designing and selling my own jewelry collection, I hung up my hat and closed my company in 2012.  It was a very difficult and introspective year for me.  "What am I qualified to do? What skills do I have? What do I do now, at this stage of my life?” These, and many other questions plagued me for months. 

When I finally found clarity again, the answers astounded me, and at the same time, they seemed so obvious. 

I realized that, in fact, I can do anything. I had years of experience running of my own business, in another country no less, where English was not the first language of my employees and where I was always a foreigner, constantly having to adjust to the local business ways. It finally dawned on me that I am probably qualified to do just about anything that I set my mind on and that I actually have an incredible command of many different skill sets. It was just a matter of finding the right "thing" to apply it all to and if nothing "out there" existed, then I needed to create it for myself. 

I had always taken it for granted that I am super organized person; this came naturally to me my entire life. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this was something that others really needed help to do. From that moment, it was an organic transformation for me, to my new life, my new business, my new calling as Lisa Grant, "personal organizer”. What a blessing it is to help people to truly “sort their stuff."

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