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I met Lisa many years ago when she would come to NYC from Bali to sell her fabulous sterling silver collections.  During those years, Lisa would come to my children’s elementary school twice a year to sell her jewelry, and would donate 20% of her proceeds to the school library fund. As her coordinator helper I observed how easily she was engaging with all families, generous in spirit and so very organized. 

We stayed in touch and 3 years ago, when it was time to move my psychotherapy office, after 20 plus years, she was the go to person that helped me to set it all up: furniture placement, filing systems, discarding books and scanning articles that were no longer necessary for me to have in a physical format. She understood through our discussions how I needed the space to work and what I needed to be comfortable.


Lisa is a wonderful collaborator and thinks outside the box. A year ago, I became an empty nester and it was time to reorganize my living space, as my own personal disorganization had increased over the years. Lisa’s eye, her ability to talk me through priorities, her professionalism and total likability led me to rethinking the space and reorganizing a large china closet and buffet server.  Now we are organizing pictures and files on my PC and she is teaching me how to work with Evernote. I know that I would never have tackled these projects alone. I have referred her to many friends and colleagues and she has dazzled them all with her intuition and skill!


Union Square, NYC


Office, Email & Computer Cleanup, Photos & Memorabilia, File Management, Productivity, Kitchen Client

My work with Lisa has been a wonderful experience - who knew there could be such joy in getting your house and life organized!? Lisa was a tremendous help to me after my mom passed away, working with me to go through and organize many boxes of pictures, personal memorabilia and special memories - I am so thankful for her caring support and hard work during that labor of love. We moved on to other projects, and with Lisa's keen professionalism I was thrilled to see the clutter in our house simply melt into clear, open spaces, which freed up time and living space, and greatly reduced stress. We now have designated places for our most precious keepsakes, as well as systems for all our filing. And, there are now two lovely rooms and several closets in my house that were simply not usable before! Lisa works as a true partner, bringing great passion and compassion to her work. She motivates, guides, listens and works tirelessly and efficiently to accomplish the goals we have set, and she keeps it fun along the way. I am so grateful for our continued partnership!


Mendham, NJ


File Mgmt, Photos & Memorabilia, Closets, Kitchen, Kids’ Stuff & Estate Clearing Client


East Village, NYC

As a tiny apartment dweller, clutter has always been a problem.  I like to stuff things in drawers, corners, on shelves, just about anywhere. Before Lisa, I would spend an exorbitant amount of time looking for things.  After Lisa, all that changed.  Now there is a place for everything, expertly organized. The days of ripping apart my apartment, madly searching for something, are happily over.


Home Office, Kitchen & Closets Client


Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Interior Designer

Closets & Productivity Client

Lisa keeps me organized in many ways. She helped create personalized systems for my life that exceeded the specific goals I had originally set. The work we do together barely feels like work at all. Things that seemed like overwhelming tasks to me, now feel organic and seamless with her guidance. Her professional principles combined with her personal touch inspires me that staying 'sorted' is a self-nourishing daily practice.


Harlem, NYC

Real Estate & Art Investor

DeClutter, Storage Solutions, File Management, Home Office &

Move Day Client

The best thing about working with Lisa, other than actually finishing what you set out to accomplish, is her sensitivity. It was hard for me to get rid of some things I had had for a while, intuitively she understood that, and so we worked on other things and then circled back around until I was finally ready to deal with them. I was surprised how easy it was to manage things with Lisa that I struggled with on my own.


I initially hired Lisa to help me with an overwhelming backlog of paperwork and filing. This led to the creation of a simple and compact system for keeping track of everything for my business. And then that expanded into her helping me with the planning and renovation of multiple apartments, which resulted in significant increased income for me.


I would say to anyone, if you have a project, or something that you have been thinking about completing but "never get around to actually doing”, like de-cluttering your home, or creating a filing system, work with Lisa - you will achieve what you set out to do quickly and will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

"I'm a pretty organized person, but I never have enough time in my busy schedule to fully straighten up the old messes that our family of four has created over the years. When I first hired Lisa, I thought of her as my clone. But as Lisa and I tackled rooms and closets together, I realized that she is much more than a second set of hands, she is a brilliant organizer and a sensitive and compassionate advisor. She has taught me new ways to approach organizing. Over the years, every space we have worked on together has become more livable and has stayed tidy. Lisa has helped me to sort my children's artwork, personal files, clothing, memorabilia, and much more. She has even worked directly with my kids, using the same patient process that she applies to every project, big or small, to help them go through their own things. This approach is completely different from me as a parent asking them to “clean up and organize” their rooms, as she brings an aspect of excitement to the task and makes it fun for them to reach the same end goal.  


Lisa really understands our family's aesthetic. She sees something old and beautiful and thinks of a way to use it or show it off. She appreciates our wish to recycle, and helps me research the best new home for discarded items. Whenever I have a few days free, I get excited to organize another area of our home with Lisa. Doing it as a team means that the final result will be infinitely better and that the process of getting it done will be not only painless, but a joy. It is definitely a therapeutic experience!”


Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Social Worker

Closets, File Management, Photos & Memorabilia, Sotrage Solutions, Kids' Stuff Client


Sutton Place Area, NYC

Retired Construction Company Owner

Estate Clearing, File Management, Home Office Client

I knew Lisa for some years from her jewelry business.  When i decided it was time to inventory and eventually sell some of my antique family heirlooms, she was the natural person to call to help me with this very detailed and emotional task.  Together we went through all my jewelry and and she made notes of the various anecdotes and historical stories I associated with all the items. She then photographed, catalogued and researched decades old appraisals for each piece.  She contacted several antique buyers on my behalf and eventually helped me with the process of bringing the most valuable pieces to sale at one of the top auction houses.  After going through this process and seeing how methodical and detail minded she was, I asked her to digitally inventory all the important furniture, household goods, collectibles and art in my home for future use.  We now spend time on a regular basis updating, organizing and purging my old files from the 40+ years of my very busy career and life.  She helps me to keep the constant flow of the new paperwork organized, including making sure all my bills get paid on time.  Lisa is responsible, reliable, always on time and keeps track of so many different things for me.  If you want to organize your life, both the current stuff and the past, call Lisa.

I hired Lisa to help me organize my basement which had over a decade of stuff that had been slowly accumulating over the years, and that eventually covered all the floor space to the top of the ceiling. This daunting task was made easy by Lisa’s incredible ability to work with one thing at a time, her patience, her expertise in space management and her over all wonderful personality. Not only did we get the job done and one year later I’m still organized, but we had some fun while doing it. 

Lisa is amazing at helping you decide what to keep and what not to keep. I now love going to my basement knowing for example, exactly where my Easter decorations are, pulling them out and then having a place to put them right back. Call her to help you too. She is an organizer extraordinaire. 


South Slope, Brooklyn

Marketing Director

Storage Solutions Client


Rhinebeck, NY


File Management, Tax Paperwork, Digital Client

Lisa helped me sort through nearly a decade of paperwork that had been building up and overwhelming me.  I was embarrassed at my lack of organization, but Lisa has no judgment – her positive attitude kept me motivated and inspired. Working with Lisa is great, but what is really phenomenal is that she looks beyond the task in front of her to the bigger picture.  She doesn’t just help do the sorting, she helps create systems and then she makes sure the systems are going to stick.  For me it was getting me to my ultimate goal of being paper-free and 99% digital.  When there was a specific challenge or software question that neither of us knew, Lisa would take the time to research it and then get back to me with options for a solution.    


Lisa is a pleasure to be around, and she makes sure to keep us focused on the task at hand, however monumental and time consuming it seemed. There are “Lisa mantras” she instilled in me that I still think of every time I touch a piece of mail, little practices that help me to be more organized every day.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa for any challenge. I know there is no project she can’t handle, and the best part – she actually makes it enjoyable.

I am a very organized person, so I never thought I would use a professional organizer. But sometimes you need an outside support to get something done by a deadline. That is why I will always turn to Lisa when I have a deadline, because she will make it happen. 


I have worked with her on 2 projects. The first one was to reorganize a storage room in my store. This was done with the utmost efficiency, it was a daunting task that she made easy. The second one was to turn a storage room into a completely different room, a living room. This was a big project and had a set deadline. Lisa and I finished on time, and she was the most resourceful person, helping me find the right charity to pick up an entire room full of furniture. 


What I love most about working with Lisa is her attitude. She is there to get the work done, but also to support you in whatever comes up. She is smart, efficient, compassionate, insightful, intuitive, and a joy to work with. Great energy and wits are what set her above all the rest! I highly recommend Lisa Grant! 


Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Boutique Owner

Office, Decluttering, Closets Client


Soho, NYC


Closets, Kitchen, Storage Solutions Client

I initially approached Lisa for help with organizing my closets. I had started the process myself, but didn't have the same amazing, energetic, organizing gene that Lisa has. She makes the process enjoyable, as well as gets the results that I want. She is the perfect companion, encouraging and suggesting, but leaving the ultimate decisions to me. We took everything out. I tried on questionable garments and donated many items that were no longer useful to me. I ended up with more space than I thought possible and am now able to find what I own so that I no longer waste money buying duplicates. 


Each time Lisa arrives, we tackle a new project. We organized all my bathroom toiletries and health products, setting aside a place for travel items. I hadn't been aware of how many expired pantry items I had. Tossing them gave me shelves of extra space. We organized my linens, shoes, handbags and storage.


It is surprising how organizing and editing can bring great contentment. The benefits far outweigh the effort involved. The difference with using Lisa versus working alone is that the job is actually finished. I look forward to working with her on my paperwork and computer files next. 

As the owner of a busy salon, I work directly with my clients all day long and the back end of my business was suffering after years of neglect. Hoping to get some advice on how to better organize my mess I brought Lisa in to help. I had no idea that the work we would end up doing together would go far beyond basic office clean up and organization. Lisa introduced me to appropriate technology for a website, helped me to find someone to translate my creative ideas into practical use, and worked patiently with me going through all the language and images that I had collected over the years. I had a complicated history with the previous owner of my domain and she magnificently researched a professional solution to regain my “name” and to get me out a difficult situation which had been holding me back for years. Even when it was super frustrating, we were always laughing. With her help I was able to launch my website, organize numerous lists of past and present clients into one comprehensive contact list which I now use for regular distributions and social media, and learn a new software specifically designed for hairdresser salons. She helped me to work through the complicated scheduling portion of my website, and came up with a smart solution for making appts in different time zones that was critical for my bicoastal business. Working with Lisa taught me how to run my office in today’s sophisticated small business climate and inspired me to keep up with the organization systems that she helped me to set up. She always encouraged me throughout our work together and often told me that “You can do this too”. And guess what? I can and I do! I highly recommend investing in Lisa’s wealth of experience and knowledge, she will find solutions for you and your business, and she will keep it fun and positive along the way. 


Garment District, NYC

Salon Owner

Small Business Client


Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

Public Relations Consultant

Closets, Declutter, Storage Solutions Client

After living 15 years in a two bedroom apartment with a finished basement I downsized essentially to a junior one bedroom with very little storage space. While I had done a huge purge (clothes, furniture, books, papers, kitchen items, etc) before moving day, I still ended up needing to get rid of more things after I had moved in. The thought of sorting through more boxes and organizing on my own made me want to take a very long nap or scream, depending on the day. Friends say they will help but let's face it, everyone is so busy, especially in NYC. I was referred to Lisa by a mutual friend. The best thing about working with Lisa was that it was like having a friend help me combined with the experience and know how of a true professional who made me set goals and see things through to completion. We created and set up two essential storage areas for my apartment— a small room off the kitchen that we turned into walk-in closet and a shelved area in my entryway that sort of acts like a second closet for things I don't use regularly like my camping gear, extra boxes of my grandmother's china, suitcases, etc. Both areas required hiring a contractor to build shelves, install a clothes hanger rack and hooks and the dreaded task of going to Home Depot. Lisa has a great guy in her Rolodex who she refers for this kind of work and he was fantastic. He showed up on time, made the measurements and went to Home Depot while I stayed home with my feet up! Both handyman jobs were completed in one afternoon. Lisa is the BEST! I highly recommend her for tasks big and small. And did I mention how much I love having a walk-closet? I feel like a movie star every time I change my clothes.

I was catching up with Lisa and she was telling me about the fulfilling work she does with her clients when I stopped her mid-sentence and said, “I need you Lisa!”  After living on my own for more than two years following a fifteen year marriage, I had acquired "stuff” moving from home to home, and desperately needed to purge and establish order and comfort again in my life. She immediately scheduled time with me so I could make progress before the new year. 


I watched and marveled at her technique as we worked: clear out the contents of one room into another and then we could “sort". The sorting itself took hours. I told stories about item after item as she listened and executed action: writing down to do's and making various piles for future steps. With her help over the 2 days of working together we were able to: purchase and have a dresser delivered (within 30 mins) and immediately store garments in it; clear and re-strategize my closet- according to color! and even categorize my pants by leg width; relocate a piece of furniture i already owned to make it easier for me to gear up for the cold weather and get out the house; donate many filled up hefty bags of items to a local NYC based charity; create giveaway bags to hand to cousins, friends, homeless men and women; and discard several bags of trash.


And all the while she truly listened. She had mentioned from the start that it might be a difficult process, and it was, but I could not have done it without her. I know because I had tried on my own over the past months and hardly made any progress.  


Thank you so much for coming into my life again Lisa! The first time you helped me to feel beautiful by accessorizing me on the outside with silver jewellery and this time, you've helped me organize life on the inside first, which makes me outwardly more beautiful. I can't wait to do more with you Lisa!


Inwood, NYC

Hospital Patient Care Specialist

Declutter, Closets, Storage Solutions Client


Kips Bay, NYC

Writer and Editor

I’ve always been an organized, list-making, get-it-done person, but the idea of planning and executing a move after 14 years in the same apartment completely overwhelmed me. Lisa gently and without judgment helped me maintain perspective and get it all done in manageable, bite-sized chunks—from purging and packing on one end to arranging furniture, art, and decorative items on the other. Best of all, before Lisa and SortSort, the insides of cabinets and closets were for my eyes only; now I gleefully fling the doors open, showing off exactly how her expertise helped me take my own organizing to a whole new level!

Move Day, Closets, Storage Solutions Client

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