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The SortSort Gift Card—now there's a way to give your loved one the "gift of organization".


This thoughtful and meaningful experience will be customized by your gift recipient to best meet their own needs. It is a one-on-one service that assists in organizing and decluttering any aspect of one's home/life. Some of the more popular uses of the SortSort Gift Card include...


  • help repurposing an area in the home

  • help downsizing years of files

  • help preparing the home, before or after, for a move or renovations

  • help finding appropriate places to donate things and getting them out of the home

  • help with the increasingly challenging digital world we live in

  • help packing for a special trip 

  • help figuring out what to do with photos and memorabilia

  • help dealing with annoying admin stuff, aka the ongoing TO DO list

  • help sorting "stuff", in whatever way that might mean to the individual client


Personal organizing services are actually very personal. So before you purchase a SortSort Gift Card for someone, please talk to the recipient first. It is important to make sure that they really want the service, and would be comfortable working directly with me in their home. Once you provide their email to me I can take it from there. I will send an email announcing your gift and after they contact me I will set up a phone consultation to talk through their needs, and answer any and all questions.

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