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File Management
  • Set up manageable file systems and eliminate the piles of paper around the home

  • Establish routines and specific places for all incoming mail, receipts, business cards

  • Clean up current files and evaluate their level of importance

  • Digitize those papers that do not need hard copies; advice on what you need to keep and what you can toss or shred

  • Set up online bill payments

Photos & Memorabilia
  • Organize all your photos, both print and digital

  • Methodically, and patiently sort through the years of memories and souvenirs

  • Create places for them to be stored, all together

  • Designate specific spots in your home for new keepsakes to be seen

  • Archive and catalog your memorabilia

  • Create photo walls

Tax Paperwork
  • Create simple systems for keeping all important papers together throughout the tax year

  • Help to collate summaries for tax time

  • Learn when and how to shred old tax paperwork

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