• Purge the contents and reorganize all the closets in your home

  • Clothing closets, linen closets, hall closets, coat closets, supply closets, bathroom closets, armoires, dressers, shelves

  • Learn how to donate items that no longer work for you/your household

  • Seasonal wardrobe turnovers

Home Office
  • Organize at-home work areas: desks, shelves, office supplies, computer stations

  • Help for both the freelance business owner, as well as household bill paying and incoming paper

  • Create efficient, realistic and customized filing systems

  • Tame the electronic beast

Kids' Stuff
  • Children’s play areas: toys, games, arts & craft items, books, collectibles

  • Lego management

  • Current and past school work

  • Archive and display your children’s art

  • Help with both dedicated rooms already set up in the household, as well as creating areas when space is at a premium

Storage Solutions
  • Tackle those hidden spots that also house your stuff: basements, attics, garages, tool sheds, as well as off-site storage units

  • Brainstorm and set up customized ways to store things within the household for easily access

  • Repurpose rooms/areas that are crammed and unusable

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