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What is your COVID-19 protocol?

I have been fully vaccinated for some time, and would appreciate you letting me know your status as well before I make plans to enter your home. If necessary we can both wear masks for the duration of our time together.


The health and safety of my clients, their households, as well as anyone associated w SortSort during the course of a job, is my top priority. This protocol follows the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and will be updated as their guidelines are updated. While I feel these procedures create a safe environment for our work together to continue, I also encourage you to communicate any requests or concerns you might have, and I will do my best to address and accommodate them.

• I have been and will continue to closely monitor my own health. I will take my temperature the morning before any job. 
• I will wear a mask that properly covers my mouth and nose, both on route to, as well as the entire duration of all sessions.
• I will wash my hands thoroughly as soon as I enter a household, approximately every hour during our time together, and at the end of the session. I will always have hand sanitizer nearby as we work.
• I will have gloves available to wear at the client’s request.
• We will maintain a social distance of a minimum of six feet at all times. The same applies to any situation if I need to work with a vendor. Should it be necessary to breach the six foot distance, it will only be done with the verbal agreement of both of us.
• We will spray work areas with disinfectant spray before working in a space, as well as sanitize high-touch surfaces.
• If possible we will open windows in the room when we are working to help the air flow.

I also ask that all my clients do their part to keep everyone safe. This includes wearing face coverings while I am in your home, washing your hands often, and of course, letting me know if you or any member of your household might have potentially been exposed to the virus. To limit the amount of contact I might ask you to open and disinfect all surfaces to be touched during our session, immediately prior to our appointment (ie doors, drawers, cabinets, etc). If any member of your household comes in to a room when we are working I would ask that they also wear a face mask and maintain a six feet distance.

If you feel ill or unwell in any way, PLEASE contact me immediately and I will reschedule our session a minimum of 14 days later with no cancellation fees. If I enter your household and you are not feeling well, or do not want to follow the above safety precautions, I will have to cancel the job and you will be responsible for my time, despite us not be able to work together on that date. 

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