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What is a typical organizing session like?

There really is no “typical" session. The first time we work together I will ask you to give me a tour of your home, telling me in depth about the areas you want to work on and what your goals are in relation to these spaces. As we move from room to room, I will be asking you lots of questions: about your daily routines, your personal habits, who you live with, what you envision from your space, your potential blockages, etc. Then we will dive right in, focusing on one area at a time that is causing some stress in your life, methodically going through everything, piles, clutter, drawers, boxes, papers. We will be moving things around, talking about them as we touch them, making temporary piles to give away, to toss, and to move to another part of your home. This phase of the process takes time and really depends on what is actually in the spaces that we are working on. After all the clutter didn’t accumulate overnight and it certainly won’t get sorted overnight either. Once we actually get rid of the things you no longer “need” the real organizing begins. My job is to help you find efficient and practical places for everything. How you want things labeled or stored away depends on you and what you see as priority.  And as we go through more of your “stuff” and really clear the clutter, and the draining energy that accompanies it, you will be creating an incredible lightness and deep sense of relief. You will actually see and feel positive results in just the first time we work together, it is pretty amazing the transformation that i will be helping you to create in your life. 

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