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What should I do/buy to prepare?

Nothing, besides making sure you have garbage and recycling bags on hand. There is no need to pre-organize, tidy up or hide things away in preparation for working with me, as we will likely be pulling them out again as we start to go through your things. So best to just leave everything as it is, which also makes it easier for me to understand the challenges at hand in your home. My intention is to help you clear things from your life, not add new things. If after we edit a certain area we determine some simple organizing products might be helpful, then I will help you source them at that time. But please know in advance that I am not coming into any situation w a predetermined organizing system for you to purchase. I also want to be sure that whatever container you do buy will be the right one for what needs to go in it and that it will fit perfectly in the space where that it will be stored. I also love re-purposing what you already have in your home and am really good at that. And I love zip lock bags and black sharpies! So just wear comfy clothes appropriate to the space we are going to work in, envision how you would like the space to ultimately function in your life and be open and ready to sort and make decisions.

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