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Why should I hire an organizer?

It starts with being ready to make a change in your life. Even if you are a very organized person, my job is ultimately to listen to you and help motivate you to keep going, even when gets boring or emotional, without criticizing and without judgement. I am just there, on your side, to break down projects into manageable pieces so you can stay with the task, until we finish it, together. I will offer advice on where to put all your things once we go through them and to help you create new systems. Two people, two sets of eyes (mine being completely objective), four hands, two brains, two different perspectives, at least twice as much energy will mean you will finally be able to check that project off your TO DO list. As corny as it sounds, getting organized is really a therapeutic and spiritual process. Letting things go, and moving energy around, frees up incredible things in your life, beyond the obvious of the spaces that you live in.

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