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Are you going to make me get rid of all my stuff?

No not at all, in fact I will hardly offer my advice on your things, unless pressed. It is difficult to let go of an item that represents a connection to a past event or loved one and it is not my job, or intention, to convince you to get rid of anything. Part of my process is having you say out loud what every thing means to you, how you use it, how often it is used, etc. By doing that, and with my compassionate guidance to identify those items that are causing clutter, you will make all the decisions about your stuff.  I am there to help guide you and to keep you focused, but not to force your hand on anything. Many people comment that having me there working side-by-side as an impartial witness gives them a new sense of freedom to let go. My goal is that everything you have in your home is organized so that you can easily find it and use it in your life; what you keep, and what you discard is entirely up to you. 

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